Minneapolis & White Bear Lake Advanced Hand Signals Dog Training

Advanced Dog Training - Off Leash - Electronic Collar

In my advanced obedience training I will show you hand signals to teach your dog that correlate with the commands you first taught your dog.  

What we want to do is get your dog to be obedient off leash. If you were unable to have a hold of your dog, do you think they would listen to you? Advanced training is fun because you know your dog has given in and says “okay, you’re the boss. What would you like me to do next?”

People often ask me how they know if their dog is ready for off leash training. I ask them if there dog will do at least 2 of the basic commands on leash then we can start to work them up to off leash.


Advanced off leash training you will meet with me once a week for 5 weeks.

The total price for this is $500.00