Minneapolis & White Bear Lake Advanced E-Collar Dog Training

Electronic Dog Collar Training

I have been training with electronic collars for years. I call it my invisible leash. Many dogs can be off leash and listen well until a distraction comes along and then there goes everything out the door. They just get side tracked and know they don’t have to listen.

We live in Minnesota and a lot of people either own a cabin themselves or know someone who does. They want to go out of town with their dog and let him roam around but they should come back when called.

A lot of people have called me over the years and tell me this is what happens to them. That’s when I suggest an e collar. Some dogs have just figured out along the way that they can get away with not listening to their owners in certain situations.
They very first thing I do with any dog is teach them what the collar means. I do this by teaching them to come when they are called. They collar is hard to ignore and I leave it at the lowest setting that will get your dog’s attention. It is also faster and most times easier on the owner because there is no fighting or tugging of the leash or being laden down with treats all the time. Believe me, your dog knows when there are treats and when there aren’t.

The e collar isn’t just for teaching come. I specialize in teaching the commands of sit, heel, place and off (don’t jump) as well. One thing many people love about e collar training besides the invisible leash aspect is that unlike other types of obedience training it really requires your dog to think more. When your dog is getting as much mental exercise as he physical he tends to be more tired at the end of the day!


To teach your dog to come off leash with the e-collar is a one time visit for $100.00

The e-collar training package consists of 4 one hour lessons

The total price for this is $500.00