First , call me (612) 978-3612 Let's talk about your dog and get familiar with you, your family and situation.

Then I will come to your house free of charge to meet with you in person in your home. I like to see how the dog interacts with the family. I can get a better feel for what type of training may be needed for your dog. I like to see what would happen naturally if I wasn’t there. What is it that may be the cause of your major problem. Obedience training alone does not always do the trick, but a dog that listens to you can be a lot more enjoyable! The best time to meet would be when everyone that interacts with the dog or would like to be involved is home. That way I can see how the dog is responding to everyone in the house. It also helps so people won’t have to remember what I said and try to repeat it later to more than one person. To get started give me a call, I can't wait to hear from you!