Minneapolis & White Bear Lake Basic Dog Training

Sit. Stay. Heel.

 I have trained hundreds of dogs, I know many of the popular breed characteristics which can be useful to help with training. Many people call a trainer because they are confused. There is a lot of info out there when it comes to dog training and the problem becomes you have asked same training question to 10 different people and you got 10 different answers. Why? Because people have used what works best for them and their dog.

After basic Dog training, Your dog will

Learn to come when it is called heel, sit, sit and stay, lay down and lay down and stay.

If you would like we can also start on some other things to get your dog to a more advanced off leash stage.

It starts with a leash

My basic obedience program is starting off with everything your dogs does being on a leash. Your dog will learn to heel, come, sit stay, and down stay. You will learn how to control your dog on leash around common distractions like other dogs and people.

Gain Confidence and Control!

Your dog will be a pleasure to walk when it is not pulling you everywhere.


Beginning with basic on leash obedience you will meet with me once a week for 5 weeks.

The total price for this is $500.00