Minneapolis & White Bear Lake Area Dog Trainer

Dog Training

I'm here for you before and after training.

I love talking to people as much as I love helping to train the dog. When I come to your home you have my full attention. In an obedience class you may get some socialization for your dog but if you are having a problem many times there is just not enough of the trainer to go around in the time allotted for the class. When I meet with you one on one you have my full attention.

Most people that get a dog know that it is going to need some type of training. Obedience is the first thing (besides their name and potty training) that we teach our dogs. An obedient dog simply means that when you tell them to do something they will. When a dog knows how to heel on a leash, it is much more enjoyable to walk with your dog. A dog that sits and stays isn’t jumping on people all of the time. They will sit nicely for petting, a visit to the vet or the groomer.

Basic Dog Training

Learn to come when it is called heel, sit, sit and stay, lay down and lay down and stay. If you would like we can also start on some other things to get your dog to a more advanced off leash stage.

Advanced Dog Training

In my advanced obedience training I will show you hand signals to teach your dog that correlate with the commands you first taught your dog.

Electronic Dog Collar Training

I have been training with electronic collars for years. I call it my invisible leash. Many dogs can be off leash and listen well until a distraction comes along and then there goes everything out the door.

Free House Calls

First , call me (612) 978-3612 Let's talk about your dog and get familiar with you, your family and situation.

Puppy Training

For many people, a puppy is a first time thing. I will come out to your home and help you through the wild puppy stage.

Gun Dog Training

Many people here have hunting breeds because not only do they make great pets, but they are great hunting companions. My advice to the first time gun dog owner is to call a professional gun dog trainer right away.